Weekly Dispatch – Words Like Honey


Kind words are like honey- sweet to the soul and healthy for the body Proverbs 16-24

I’ve been thinking about all the ways that the conversations I have mirror (almost exactly) the way I salsa dance. Two people + a dance floor is surprisingly equivalent to two people + a safe space to talk. If this doesn’t make sense, just ask to dance with me sometime.


Introductions aren’t merely a social transaction — they’re an art form – Introductions: The Art of Curating People

“Introduce a person, not a resume.” – How to Introduce Someone

And if you need help remembering names, How to Remember Anyone’s Name

Asking questions is so fun. And if you have the tendency (as I do) to be inward, question-asking forces you to be outward. – How to Ask Useful Questions

A helpful template. – How to Graciously Say No to Anyone

What a fun way to engage folks at a conference, in a classroom, in a meeting – Conversation Therapy

I think politeness is vanishing. Which is too bad, because durn is it powerful. – How to Be Polite


photo credit: Sonja Langford