Weekly Dispatch – Undivided in Heart

Weekly Dispatch - Undivided in Heart

I’ve been pondering what it feels like to be undivided. Which is not to be confused with what it feels like to be “complete,” as the impulse to pick an easier, more palatable word might suggest. “Undivided” feels like a work in progress. “Completion” seems like an unrealistic destination at which we can one day arrive. Undivided seems reasonable to me. If I seek to be undivided in my words, in my relationships, in my heart… well, shoot. I might just be doin’ okay.


“When we don’t work with dignity our work becomes ‘separate’ from us, the person.”  – The Modern Craftsman’s Guide: Work with Dignity

I think about integrity—a lot. The alignment of words and actions is so powerful (and so scarce). As I look around at the tech startup world I often ache to see more integrity. Joe frames it as “both scary and empowering” that companies–startups and large corps alike–are increasingly being held accountable for their words and work. – What a Company Says It Is and What It Does

Lauren Bacon uses questions to frame ideas about connection between people online. – The Invisible Campfire of Online Communities

On the topic of good questions, my whip-smart friend Zack wonders about how to balance fear and creativity. – Fear and Creativity

The inspiration to write usually comes to me in twinges, flutters, whispers. I’m rarely overcome with obvious smacks of the muse. In this velvety, thick essay Sven Birkerts captures so many of the ways I feel about creating meaning through words. – The Unearned Gift

And this? This is simply happy-making. – How About a Crosswalk Light that Dances?


P.S. – Would you help a sister out? I’m going to get back to long form writing here on the blog, and I’d love to know if there’s anything you’d like to read from me. Let me know here