Weekly Dispatch – Threading Our Life’s Work

Weekly Dispatch - Life's Work

This past week has been intense on two fronts.

1) At work I’ve been mapping out my goals for 2015. We plan out goals by quarter, and it’s been challenging (and exciting) to think about what I want to accomplish over the next year. If I fast-forward to this time next year, what will I have accomplished? Who will I have become?

My goals fall under a few themes: effective management (building the skills to be a great manager), product development (I’m working on fleshing out a few projects/products we’re developing), and awesome partner management (my role is to work with our corporate partners). Each decision I make is not only about supporting the strategies of my company—it’s also about crafting my life’s work.

2) For my master’s thesis I’m finally in a rhythm of research/getting stuff done. The amazing Sarah Jane and I meet weekly to hold each other accountable to work/personal goals. I’m meeting monthly with a student in my grad program who is also working on her thesis. I have finally assembled my full thesis committee. And I have some fun research I’m diving into.

What are the threads that tie together your work, hobbies, volunteer gigs, conversations? I’m thinking about these threads. (Here are some of my threads.) Here are some links about work + meaning.


My coworker recommended taking the Gallup Strengthsfinder ($10 for basic test). Why do this test? Well… “The Gallup Organization suggest that the most effective people are those who understand their strengths and behaviors. These people are best able to develop strategies to meet and exceed the demands of their daily lives, their careers, and their families.” My top five themes were: Empathy, Achiever, Belief, Ideation, Connectedness. Interesting stuff. (And amazingly accurate.) – Gallup Strengthsfinder

I consider myself an expert generalist, which is why I’m working on an interdicisplinary degree: I like working across disciplines and threading together seemingly unrelated ideas. The CEO at IDEO captures here why this impulse—going wide versus going deep—should be a conscious career choice. – The Career Choice Nobody Tells You About

Elle Luna shares how she discovered the through-line in her life’s work. Worth the 11-minute watch – The Crossroads of Should and Must (video)

On work that matters and the artist’s prerogative to create meaning – J.Cole Interview

“This is the deepest kind of theft; not merely prosperity having been looted from societies, but significance having been stolen from human lives.” – Making the Choice Between Money and Meaning by Umair Haque

…And because this week’s digest was fairly heavy, here is Time’s 50 Astonishing Animal Photos of 2014