Weekly Dispatch – Thinking About a Better Web

Weekly Dispatch - Thinking About a Better Web

The web is a prickly place. Its facets are infinite—some lustrous, like the opportunity to discover fascinating people and ideas. Other facets are opaque, like the abuse and hatred that threatens people’s safety. It can be a dark place. And yet, people continue to build community, create art, share ideas, and tell stories. I’m curious about that impulse — the impulse to build a better web.


A List Apart does an amazing job of collecting and publishing long-form, thoughtful essays about building a better web. Here are a few I’ve enjoyed:

The Pastry Box Project, Natasha Lampard – Such a lovely story about building companies that stand the test of time: “What if, instead of focusing on exits, we focused on sticking around?”

The Friend and the Follower, Closr.to – “Why do we feel so alone when we’re supposed to be more connected than ever?”

Designing Platforms (For) Trust, Gunther Sonnenfeld – “…it’s one thing to want to trust someone, but it’s another thing to hold trust, earn trust and share trust with other people … So, it seems we can design for trust, but we don’t actually design trust itself, nor do we really ‘engineer’ its mechanisms.”

The Web’s Grain, Frank Chimero – “What would happen if we stopped treating the web like a blank canvas to paint on, and instead like a material to build with?”

The Internet’s Original Sin, The Atlantic – “It’s not too late to ditch the ad-based business model and build a better web.”

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