Weekly Dispatch – Story

Weekly Dispatch - Caligater

I’ve been telling myself all sorts of stories lately; I’m caught in my head, living in what-ifs and imaginary (usually terrible) futures. I do this, naturally, when I’m stressed, or standing at an impasse. I’m probably never a better story-teller than when I tell myself stories of the potential catastrophes of my life.

I’m working on shifting the energy I spend catastrophizing to spending it on writing myself into better stories. So, this week’s dispatch is about story.


I dig what Brian Bailey and crew are doing to build Uncommon, a new type of “slow web” online community. “The goal is to make it a refreshing stop whether you visit each day or once a month. It’s also designed to be limited…We like to say Uncommon is a trampoline, not a rabbit hole.” I can’t wait to hang out on the front porch. – Finally, A Social Network That Won’t Turn Us Into Addicts–But How Will It Thrive?

Ohhh this is too good. – How To Respond to Criticism

“I believe our stories can change the world.” I usually cringe at these sorts of platitudes, but I believed it when Dustin said it. – Creative Spark: Dustin Lance Black

On Keeping a Notebook in the Digital Age and Why You Should Write