Weekly Dispatch – Smorgasbord

Weekly Digest - Smorgasbord

This week’s links don’t have any unifying theme. (If there is a thread, I don’t see it!) My brain hasn’t had a unifying theme this past week, either. So… here is a smorgasbord of thoughts and links:

  • “Shame is biggest in the dark. Get it out into the light.” – someone v. wise said this.
  • This tweet.
  • Writing a thesis is hard. Figuring out how to hold myself accountable to writing a thesis is somehow even harder. (But I’m tryin’!)
  • I’m SUPER excited to try aerial dance in a couple weeks.


The events in Ferguson, Missouri reveal deep and systemic fractures in our society. If you’d like to explore more about what’s happening, here is useful guide – Understanding Ferguson: A guide to the best essays and journalism

There are several positions in this article that aren’t in alignment with my beliefs, but on the topic of anger as a “knot,” I appreciated Hanh’s suggestion that when we bind ourselves into knots of anger, we suppress our freedom. – Thich Nhat Hanh on Loosening the Knots of Anger

A fascinating discussion of workers who are Invisibles: “highly skilled professionals whose work is critical to whatever enterprise they’re a part of, yet who go largely unnoticed by the public,” such as “a UN interpreter, a perfumer who creates fragrances for celebrity brands, an elite piano tuner, an anesthesiologist with an Ivy League medical degree, and the guitar technician for Radiohead.” – The Three Most Important Traits of People Who Make the World Work

Incremental changes lead to big advancements. I would take the premise of this article a step or two further and suggest that increasing our performance (in athletics, at work, in school, etc.) isn’t just about doing more work (run faster, get more work done, score higher grades on tests, etc.) but is also about deepening and extending our work through excellent craft. (And craft is on my mind quite a bit, like in last week’s discussion about deep work.)  – Better All The Time

Ooooo… “brain blinks.” Neat. – What Happens To Your Brain When You’re Having a Brilliant Idea

Did you know that single cell algae could be fashioned into mind-bendingly ornate art? Me either. This gentleman is a master of this Victorian era technique. (Seriously… my mind is blown.)

(Don’t see the video? Click here: The Diatomist from Matthew Killip on Vimeo.)

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