Weekly Dispatch – Sincerity

Caligater - Weekly Dispatch

Welcome to my new(ish) weekly note to you. I’m doing a lot of writing behind the scenes, though none of it is ready to live here. However, I’m reading, watching and listening to so many interesting things I want to share with you. So, this Weekly Dispatch.

Things that have been on my mind lately: sincerity vs. hypocrisy, reluctant redemption, and memories of summer campfires.


This lovely article can be distilled in this admonition: “Kindness is not always as heavy as action: it can be as light as speech or as invisible as inaction.” – Your Kindness Is Good for You

Getting beyond asking someone “How was your day?” to better questions. I’m working on this. – The Questions That Will Save Your Relationships

I really dig Austin Kleon’s openness about his creative process. – 10 Ways To Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered

Film and digital photography’s bias against dark skin. – Teaching The Camera To See My Skin

Technology (like substances) can be an addiction to avoid discomfort. – The First World’s biggest addiction

Excellent people skills are a superpower. – People Skills for Web Workers

It isn’t so much about “finding” your creative voice as it is about expressing the one you’ve already got. [Video] – James Victore: Your Work Is A Gift