Weekly Dispatch – Simply Delighted

Caligater - Weekly Dispatch - Simply Delightful

Have you been delighted lately?

I don’t mean “happy” or “surprised,” per se. When I say “delighted,” I mean charmed, enchanted, captivated. Have you reveled in anything? Been utterly pleased about something?

My past week started with sheer delight: I had a morning walk + coffee with my dearest of dearies, Ali. She mentioned that she had a piece of art in her studio, something that reminded her of me, and she was curious if I might have a home for it. Are you kidding me? To have a soul sister’s art in my home—a beautiful piece she created? Yes!

I am so pleased—and honored. The image you see above is a quick snapshot of the beautiful canvas that is now in my bedroom. (And it’s the second piece of Ali’s art that lives in my home. This is the other creation, which is the centerpiece of my living room.)

Here are some other delightful things I came across this week. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.


The video clip is enthralling – I can almost smell what he is smelling. The Nose: Searching for Blamage

Can’t stop watching finger tutting.

Good job, nature: you’re incredible. – Agates – Time Compiled

I just signed up for this little weekly delight: Unfolded Note

(She also sends physical mailings to those that sign up. Makes me curious if I should start something similar here. I’d totally be into sending postcards/letters to people. Would you be into that?)

I’ve never thought of approaching resistance in this way. (I’m totally gonna use it on my thesis work. Hmm.. it’s not a “thesis,” but instead is an “experimentation chapbook.” Errrr something. ) – GOOD QUESTION: How do I get through resistance and take action?

Delightful body movement & sound, transformed into pixels. Watch Momentum (and then watch the behind the scenes clip):

(Don’t see the video? Click here: MOMENTUM from schnellebuntebilder on Vimeo.)