Weekly Dispatch – Measuring

Caligater Weekly Digest - Measuring

I’ve been measuring, taking count, noting moments of life.

During my work days, I’m a list-maker. I write to-do lists mostly because I have a miserable memory. But I realized they weren’t helping me see my overall progress. So I started keeping a “Today I Accomplished or Created….” google spreadsheet. It has two columns: date column, and Accomplished or Created column. I keep it simple and specific: “Outlined next week’s blog post with partner” or “Drafted v1 sponsor satisfaction 5-question survey.” After just a month of making these notes, I’m noticing patterns and gaps in my day-to-day. Surprisingly, this silly practice has seduced me out of the forest and onto a mountaintop. Forget about getting lost in email or having my focus interrupted by pesky tasks; I’m now making darn sure I can say I accomplished or created something significant each day.


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