Weekly Dispatch – I’m Here

Weekly Digest - I'm HereThis week I’m on Orcas Island in the San Juan islands with my best friends. There’s nothing quite like island time, and I’m going to spend the next handful of days here. Just being here.


This series of photographs is incredible – The Topography of Tears

Less – Greg McKeown: Essentialism – The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

On the presence of being lost in thought – Raptitude, Life is WAY simpler than you think

“Imagine that mobile device in your pocket as a megaphone stitched to your head such that it amplifies every little thought and moment you experience…That’s a lot of noise and very little of it is ever heard the way silence brings about listening.” – The Silence of The Past Speaks Loudest to Our Presence

  • levarbattle

    For some reason or another, I immediately started the video by Greg McKeown. The idea of focusing on less at work kinda blew my cerebral. To be clear, I LOVE the notion of by focusing on the few things that are really essential you’re able to make a more valuable contribution. I hope to be there sooner than later. I’m excited about starting at square one–developing a routine that enables me space to think about the essentials–and seeing where this takes me.I feel like I could learn a few pointers from you on this, Cali. In tips/tricks you can give me?

    Let me go and wrap my head around Greg McKeown and then I’ll come back and finish the rest of this post. Thanks for sharing.

    • LeVar! Oy, so sorry for totally missing this comment! Yes, the video blew my cerebral too.

      As for tips, I’m only just figuring this out myself! I think consistency and ritual is important (and something I struggle with). Also, getting a grasp on what really IS essential is a good first step. Tracking/understanding what I was spending my time on really helped me. I wrote a little about how I do that here: http://blog.caligater.com/weekly-dispatch-measuring/.

      Okay… so, in the last month, have you found any routines that work for you?

      • levarbattle

        Good question, Cali. When assessing my next steps on starting at square one, I decided to start at square one of my day–mornings. I’ve taken to waking up, making a light breakfast and sitting on my porch while I prioritize what’s important to me for the day. The first hour and a half or two are about me and becoming centered. I’m amazed at how much I was getting straight into the grind while still in my bed every morning. I have three questions now that I ask myself: What did I do yesterday to enrich my work life? How can I better enrich it today? How can I set myself up for success tomorrow?

        • That sounds like a pretty kick-butt routine. I’m trying to get to something like that!

          Curious, how do you determine what’s “important” or “enriching”?

          I know that may seem like a ridiculous question. But I recently realized that I was treating as important things that were “urgent” or so-called high priority. (In other words, it was reactive work – reacting to my inbox, reacting to coworkers’ requests, etc.) When I started tracking how I was actually spending my time, I realized how much time I spent on reactive work — and also how I justified it as “important” work. Because hey – I’m BUSY and it feels like work!! I’m modifying this behavior… by shutting my email down so it’s not open all day, by setting aside time for bigger projects, and by letting some emails/requests drop and being okay with it (or by saying “No.”). I’m realizing I’ll not be doing the hard/deep work unless I do these things. It’s Deep Work, a la Cal Newport (good book if you haven’t peeped it): http://calnewport.com/books/so-good/