Weekly Dispatch – April Showers

Caligater - Weekly Dispatch - March 31, 2014


Two things I’m particularly excited about working on at Techstars right now: Patriot Boot Camp and Risingstars Boot Camp

Loving material things more can improve us (and our lives) – The Love of Stuff

The chasm between journalists and academics is closing – The Real Reason Nobody Reads Academics

I’ve recently become smitten with archival collections (photos, oral histories, diaries) – Midcentury Photos of Cuba

Admitting when I’m wrong has often opened doors for me, painful as it can be – How Admitting You Are Wrong Might Land You in The Right Place

I’ve started doing this. (It’s also an excuse to buy nice pen(s)…) – How and Why to Keep a ‘Commonplace Book’

In a sea of constant, continual, continuous information, we’re tasked to filter and consume with purpose – Drift

Always, forever enjoying these weekly dispatches (both Uncommon’s and Austin Kleon’s weekly emails inspired my new format here) – Uncommon

This is on repeat. I’m loving the r&b and soul influences – Iron & Wine, Ghost on Ghost