Things and Alternatives – #reverb10

#reverb10 – 11 Things.
What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?
(Author: Sam Davidson@samdavidson)

11 things
to get rid of.
11 alternatives.
Insecurity Wholehearted vulnerability
Meekness Bold joy
Debt Chinking away
Tardiness Leaving 5 min earlier. Maybe.
Stagnation I’m going to pwn my thesis
Slouching Rebuilding my dancer’s posture
Neglect More phone calls, notes, texts to loved ones
Music Just those songs in iTunes that always get the FFW/skip click
Excuses Full spiritual life
Deafening moments Quiet time
Endurance 10 miles running/week. To start with.

It’s not always about getting rid of, then replacing with.

It’s not always about opposites.

It’s not always as simple as a thing.

I know this. And still, Sam’s prompt made me dig deep: what do I really want to rid my life of in 2011? This list is of things I truly believe I can get rid of (and in some cases, NEED to get rid of in order to be fully…me.)


I’m so often adding to my life. I add events and appointments to my calendar. I add new projects. I add books to my Amazon wish list. I add programs to my computer and apps to my phone.

I add people. I add conversations. I add loads of ideas.

These are all great additions. But I’m learning my own limitations in being able to juggle these…things. At some point, there are just too many things. A combination of positive, negative and neutral things. Tangible and intangible things. So, I have an alternative to things: paring down.


Like a sculptor, I’m firing, chipping away at, welding, carving, molding, casting. Daily—from moment to moment—I sculpt my life.

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  • Having alternatives is such a brilliant idea! I’ve been hung up on the getting rid of piece, mostly because I feel like if I throw it out, it has to be something really big and distinguished. But as you said, you don’t really have to get rid of anything at all, must mold it into something new that fits better. Love it!

    • Noel, I love the way you’ve reframed it! I suppose there’s it’s necessary to spin some energy into the “getting rid of” (so that we can move the heavy stumbling blocks out of the way)…but I supposed it’s the critical optimist in me that believes in molding & casting my energy into new shapes…

  • Rebecca Hurst

    The idea of sculpting life is perfect. I also love to add things to an already heady mix, then find myself struggling to keep my head above water. I am reluctant to let things go – which is why the idea of ‘sculpting’ is more helpful that ‘getting rid of things’. Thank you!

    • Oh, that is just wonderful to hear, Rebecca! I started the post with something else in mind entirely. And then, somehow, I thought of the word “sculpt,” and it just….worked. Really nice to hear that it resonates with you, too!

  • Well done, Cali. I agree – elimination isn’t the end. Addition – of the right things – is really where it’s at. Glad to see you’re adding the things you need to live the live you dream of.

    • Thanks, Sam. So happy you contributed to #reverb10.

      Living+dreaming. :)