#Reverb10 – You Are Invited

I am jumping-over-the-moon excited to share with you that Reverb10.com is launched. And you are invited.


This is an online initiative—an invitation, really—to reflect on 2010 and manifest what’s next in 2011. Crafted with love by Gwen Bell, Kaileen Elise and yours truly.

The Site: Reverb10.com

The Twitter: @reverb10

Gwen gives the full-on how, what and why of #reverb10 in her post, here.

And Kaileen shares the most lovely quote in her post that tips #reverb10 into the world.

There will be daily prompts for each day in the month of December—prompts that you can respond to in whatever creative way you can conjure: a blog post, poetry, a story, video, photography, a drawing, whatever (just so long as you can share it with the rest of us online!).

The #reverb10 Team: Gwen, Kaileen & Cali

Creating this project with Kaileen and Gwen has made my heart grow 347%. Kaileen is a force of out-of-this-world creativity and sheer kindness. Gwen leads our team of 3 with utmost respect and open communication. I am through and through joyful.

We just launched on Wednesday evening, and I’ve already received emails and DMs from friends and fellow bloggers. Several people have expressed nervousness about participating. My sweet doves, let me assure you: there is nothing to be nervous about! Please, please, please join in—whether you blog infrequently, every day, or don’t yet have a blog. Whether you want to respond to the prompts with video, or perhaps with daily photographs. However it is you create—join in.

I launched caligater.com just shy of one year ago—upon urging of Gwen, in fact. She launched #best09, and I jumped in because I loved the idea of having a prompt each day (even though I didn’t blog each day). What I took away from #best09? I was stimulated to think about my experiences in 2009 in a way I wouldn’t otherwise have done. I connected with so many fantastic people on the web. I learned what community means in the online world. I found out that this social web space is pretty great.

#reverb10 is going to be that, and more.

Join us.

  • Cali, thank you for your kind words and sparkle. I am looking forward to a month of #reverb10 love. This is going to be a joyful and heart-expanding journey!

  • So excited to participate in #reverb10!! I loved Gwen’s Best09 series last year, it’s how I kick-started Ashalah and these prompts I’m even more excited about. Really looking forward to reading/experiencing everyones!

    • No kidding – that’s how kickstarted Ashalah?! That’s fantastic. I am seriously SO thrilled to be reading/checking out all the responses. So looking forward to YOURS, too! :)

  • Oh how I need this. Ally B Speakin has been sparse (since all of my limited writing creativity goes to SheThinks.com these days), so it will be lovely to get into the groove again.

    I’m so happy for you, being a part of this! I can’t think of a better person for the team.

    Also, I just realized that we first “met” each other last year because of #best09! WIN WIN WIN.

    • You know, #best09 IS how we connected. That. Is. Awesome.

      And thank you for the kind words re: being on the team. It’s an honor to work with such brightness as Gwen and Kaileen. Really, I’m so stoked that we could create a platform to exhibit + connect all the amazing minds on the web.

      Think your mom will get on board for reverb10 & to post on SheThinks?! ‘Cause that would be awesome. :)

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  • Kia

    I love the concept, you ladies rock!

  • Analiese

    I’m so excited for this. As I welcome changes in several aspects of life (recently got married, quit my job, went back to school), I’ve felt myself pulled in so many directions, and I know that my inner creative/writer is dying for some love. I know these prompts will be the perfect way to jump start my enthusiasm!

    • Analiese – I LOVE that you’ll be jumping in! It sounds like, given your recent life changes/growths, that you’ll have a lot of reflecting and manifesting.

      Also – congratulations on your recent marriage! And quitting your job. Aaaaand going back to school. :D (All amazing things!)

  • Since you were so enthusiastic about #best09 last year, I am going to try and give this #reverb10 a shot :)

    Plus, I need a kick in the pants to get back to blogging anyway. xoxo!

    • I LOVE it, Ging! Honestly, #best09 last year was amazing. And even though I didn’t blog for every single prompt, I DID reflect privately on the prompts. (Although, this year I’ll definitely be blogging every day — ahhhh!).

      It’s a great way to get kick-started for blogging, because it takes away the stress of choosing a really good topic and allows you to reflect on something you maybe wouldn’t otherwise think of.

      Plus? I can’t wait to see you blogging more. I love your brain. :) <3

  • Hilary

    Ok, I think I’m gonna do it! I need help creatively, and this will definitely help–I haven’t blogged for a month, so … plus, to fit it into a dog training blog will be challenging! But why not!? The prompts are sure to help… Thanks, Cali, for the encouragement.

    • You’re welcome, Hilary – and happy that you’ll be joining in. The wonderful thing is you can fit some prompts to your dog training blog…and others that are more personal can be saved for your own private writing/reflecting! :)

  • Hilary Lane

    Whoops, I signed in with a commitment, but didn’t put the correct blog address! Can I remove the wrong one and add the right address? See, I told you I was a newbie! Argh. Thanks for any suggestions.

    • No problem, Hilary. I saw that you submitted a new link; we’ll get it straightened out!

  • You rule. Thatisall.

  • You guys are pretty amazing for doing this, I’m a little confused by the prompt today, but I was English major, I should be able to figure it out!
    I’ve never been this excited about reflections before, thanks for all the time spent doing this, for real!

    Let’s REVERB!