Jots and Tittles

I’ve written one thousand words tonight

One thousand tears from my implacable fingers
One thousand drops of slow blue blood
One thousand prayers for guidance and direction

I have pried open
then sewn up
this verging, fertile heartland
dug up stunted growths
planted expectant seeds

Tonight I’ve gathered
long pangs
and small scruples

Tonight I’ve scattered
gentle words
and prudent truths

I have unearthed
my emotional withholdings
restored the capacity to trust [you]
allotted terrain in my heartland

I’ve written one thousand words tonight
One thousand forward movements
One thousand exhalations of hope
One thousand whisperings of gratitude

  • dangit! where’s that “like” and “hugs” button??? :)

    • Shucks. That means a lot, coming from you!

  • Zachariah

    Ohhhhh I love love love this <3 <3 <3

  • And just a couple weeks ago you thought you needed a boy’s help with what to write because it had been so long since had had written anything.

    Now look at you – 1000 words later. :)

    PS (You make word nerds everywhere proud with this one.)

    • !!!!!!

      Thanks, Mr Stehle.

      PS – *You* pushed me over the precipice. Thanks. ;)