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I’m looking for the next chapter of my life’s work!

Hi! I’m Cali Harris.

I’m in a moment of career transition. The next chapter of my life’s work is about to unfold, and if you landed on this page, then you may be able to help me. TLDR; I’m looking for a full-time program development role with a mission-driven organization in Boulder/Denver/remote.

You may be curious why I’m in transition. I was recently laid off from my position at CU Boulder due to a re-org. I had a marvelous year working in higher education, and I continue to mentor for CU New Venture Challenge and other CU-related entrepreneurial groups. Check out the terrific innovation work happening at CU Boulder.

How I Can Add Value to Your Organization

Short: Program design, program management, strategy, staff management, operations, strategic partnerships, corporate relations, investor relations, business development, research, soft skills, empathy, communications

Long: I’m obsessed with the intersection of relationships and systems. I’m a proven leader with 15+ years’ experience in designing cross-sector programs and strategic partnerships, using the power of relationships paired with effective programs to drive an organization’s mission forward. I’m a strategic thinker in fast-paced, uncertain environments. I use empathy and clear communication to bring disparate teams and individuals together to an aligned goal. I dig working with bold, mission-driven organizations that are dedicated to transformative ideas.

I’d help grow your business as a director of… Strategy, Innovation, Partnerships, Growth, Capacity Building. Or a Program, Regional, or Managing Director.

I’d likely sit in one of the following functional areas: Innovation/R&D, Product, or Business Development.

As I search for this next full-time role, I’m simultaneously working on a variety of projects and practicing #givefirst in the community. Projects include: consulting with national and international organizations on how to foster entrepreneurial ecosystems, conducting market research for a startup concept, designing a sponsorship program, giving webinars on why personal values matter in our careers, and outlining a book I’m going to write.

Are We a Match?

Your organization…

  • Is mission-driven
  • Attracts & develops good-hearted, creative & ambitious employees
  • Is in the private sector, in one of the following industries: outdoor sports, natural/organics, sustainability, early stage startups, or education (I’m industry-agnostic. Or, at least, industry-flexible. :))
  • Has an office in Boulder or Denver, or is open to remote team members
  • Is hiring!

If we sound like a potential fit, let’s hop on the phone to chat. Email me by clicking the big ol’ button below:

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If you’re not hiring, perhaps you know someone who is? Please send them this page! ↓

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