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{squeeee} Freelance Camp comes to Fort Collins – July 28

My Front Range Colorado freelancer/independent worker/entrepreneur friends: get thee to Fort Collins on Wednesday, July 28. It’s Freelance Camp, and it’s going to rock your location-independent socks off.

The concept is easy. Show up. Express interests and ask questions. Break into small groups and exchange knowledge. Become a better freelancer.

Who should come? If you sell your services (or are considering it), you are a perfect fit: developer, designer, accountant, blogger / journalist, realtor, lawyer, carpenter, engineer, financial adviser, marketer, sales, musician, artist, inventor… Historically, the bulk of attendees are from hi-tech.

Get your Freelance Camp Fort Collins ticket here. I’ll be there. {And hit me up for a $5-off discount code good until July 7th!}

{dreamings} Wonder What Their Dream Is – on whitehot truth

If you’re already familiar with Danielle Laporte, you know the rawness and beauty of her ideas. If you’re not yet familiar, go check out whitehot truth. The above post was published almost a year ago, but it sits in my “favorite blog posts” folder and I return to it regularly. [I found this specific post through Gwen. Thanks, G].

I love to wonder about other people’s dreams. Discovering other people’s dreams is why I’ve devoted the last 6 months to meeting people–meeting anyone who will grab a cup of tea or lunch with me. I’ve been enlivened by other people’s dreams–and theirs shape and energize my dreams. Wanna share your dreamings? Skype, email, meet me. Seriously.

{orating} Why Multimedia Storytelling Matters by Nathaniel Whitmore on

I couldn’t be any more thrilled about Boulder’s very own Unreasonable Institute kicking off their inaugural summer institute for social entrepreneurs. They are also chronicling this summer’s program on their new web episode series. Telling the stories of the entrepreneurs in this way is so rich. This post on nailed it:

“In a space where the media that is exhaled veers on the one hand towards patronizing and dehumanizing for the sake of the guilt trip buck, to, on the other, arrogant and self-infatuated, I thought that this episode did a great job of introducing the Unreasonable entrepreneurs as what they are: a bunch of deep-hearted, wicked smart kids who have committed themselves to working to change the world and are now in the thick of figuring out how to do it.”

{tune} Heartbeat – J.Period & Nneka featuring Talib Kweli

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