Gater Snacks

Snicky-snack time! Life is abundant in gaterland. Spring is creeping up on Boulder, Denver & Fort Collins, Colorado {the three cities where I divide my time}. I’m still decompressing from SXSWi. I have lots of new projects blasting off. I did some cleaning up and renovation around this blog. And here are some gater snacks for you…

{Short Post, Important Words} Enough. by Jenny Blake

“If you are constantly longing for the past or waiting for the future, your entire life will be spent – well, longing or waiting.”

Wherever you’re at, whatever projects you’re working on, whoever you’re building relationships with…this is a compelling read from Jenny Blake over at Life After College.

{A Bit of Yoga, A Bit of Life} Dancer by Doniree Walker

Dancer over at
This post made me reflect inwardly, then pushed me out of my skin. Doniree’s thoughts on being open (to yoga, to new experiences, to imbalances) were *just* what I needed to hear last week. Perhaps her perceptive and intuitive words will resonate with you, too.

{Deep} Philosophy Greats

Who knew that a philosopher could be so…pithy?

{Perspective Shift} Nikon – Universcale

“…an infinite yardstick.”

If you want a perspective shift in how you conceptualize size, space and distance, go check out Nikon’s Universcale. The intro takes a bit of time…but you can click, play around and discover interesting things after the intro. Fun.

{Tune} Cello Song – The Books featuring Jose Gonzalez

Stroll on over to Dark Was the Night. You won't be sorry.

Many thanks to David Spinks for introducing me to this song. And the compilation album this song comes from, Dark Was The Night, is ear candy AND supports a good cause.

{Image} via weheartit

  • Are these polka dots new?! I love this! And thanks for the shout-out, I'm so glad that was relateable, ha!

  • The polka dots aren't new…just a couple really minor changes (including installing Disqus and revising the sidebar—two things on my to-do list foreva!). Thank YOU for writing an awesome post. Of course, I was drawn in immediately with a title like “dancer.” :)

  • jeremyorr

    Love the look of your site! And thanks for all the great content in one spot!

  • Woohoo for cleaning up and renovation!

  • Loved both the posts you mention here. Also love Dark was the Knight. I'm a HUGE fan of The National, so I remember buying that album the day it came out. So good! Missed you in my Reader, so I'm glad you're back! :D

  • Thanks, Jeremy! Gater snacks are so much fun to put together…and I usually have so many things I want to include, but can't. :)

  • :) Absolutely!

  • Re: being back in your reader – thank you, and I'm happy to be back in blog-land now! I have lots of posts coming, including a SXSW reflection. :)

    Per your recommendation, I'll have to check out more of The National! I've only heard a song or two. Any albums you recommend?

  • They have three albums and one coming out in May. Alligator and Boxer are both good in different ways. Their first album is Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers, but it's not as great as their other two. I've seen them live a few times and am seeing them again in June. They're amazing. And totally swoon worthy. :)

  • apparently I can't reply to a thread properly, so see my reply below. lol.

  • or above. fml.

  • HAHAHA that thread just MADE my day!!!!

    There is an album called “Alligator”?! DUDE. Say no more. I'm on it! Thank you for the recos.

  • Thank you so much for the shout-out, Cali! I'm honored to make it to your blog, and to be among such great company :) Have a fabulous week!

  • Aww – the praise is to YOU for writing -as always- inspired words.

  • Your blog is so darn cute! Love it!

  • Krysten – thank you SO much for stopping by! But your blog is soooo sweet. :) Looking forward to getting to know ya! <3

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