Gater Snacks

Entrepreneurship within the social web has been top of mind for me lately…and the first video (The New Dork) is incredible. I’m headed off to Austin, TX for South by Southwest Interactive in just two days and I can’t wait! Enjoy these chompies.

{Reel: Entrepreneurship} “The New Dork: Entrepreneurship State of Mind


Produced by Grasshopper Labs and Pantsless Knights this video take-off of Alicia Keys’s & Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind” is a social web-inspired anthem for entrepreneurship. And it’s hilarious. And actually quite on point.

{Entrepreneurship Insight} The Case for the Low-Risk Start — Jeffrey Tang

I’ve written other posts about taking a leap into the dark. Jeffrey Tang makes a much needed case for the “low risk” start, or the slow start.

“The way I see it, there are two main ways to start anything: with a bold leap of faith, or a with a quiet step forward…The low-risk start is not the ‘no-risk’ start.”

{Tune} William Fitzsimmons – If You Would Come Back Home

His beard is magnificent, his voice is luxurious.

{Photo} via loveyourchaos

Daylight saving time begins on March 14. I definitely feel like spring.