Gater Snacks

This week’s gater snacks are inspired by the music I’ve been listening to this weekend. Nothing cutting-edge or super-underground—just music I enjoy. Get your groove on!

{Senagalese mellow groove} Baaba Maal – Mamadi

Give this song the full five minutes. It builds, and it builds beautifully. I love Baaba Maal’s voice because it reaches deep into my heart…I often listen to his albums when I write. “Mamadi” translates as “Tribute to Parents.”

{Neo soul} Raphael Saadiq – Staying in Love

Whenever I listen to Saadiq’s album the Way I See It, I inevitably build a playlist of all my favorite original soul artists…some Aretha Franklin, a healthy dose of Otis Redding, a bit of Howard Tate. And I usually include some of Saadiq’s songs among those greats.

{¡Sabroso!} Tito Puente & His Orchestra – Hong Kong Mambo

Give me a DJ spinning this song, a hardwood dance floor, my dancing heels and a partner. Groove time!

{Chill} Great Lake Swimmers – Your Rocky Spine

I don’t get sick of this one. And I love love LOVE love love the banjo. (As well as the mandolin and harmonica…perhaps that’s another playlist.)

What have YOU been listening to? I <3 new music…and I’d <3 if you shared the song(s) you’ve been listening to.