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{Reel Pedant} Stephen Fry – Kinetic Typography Animation

A belief I hold dearly: “Context, convention and circumstance are all.”

{Perspective} Anything That Can Be Reframed Should Be – by Tara Gentile

I’ve been reframing a lot in my life. Like, a lot a lot. (Which, I hope, will turn into a blog post or two here soon.) Reframing creative projects, daily routines and old habits–of course. But I’ve been thinking about how to reframe heartache and longing. Not skipping over the need to SIT with those feelings–but instead grappling with how to reframe those feelings once you’ve sat with them. Tara Gentile gives the how in reframing perspectives, projects, relationships. Great stuff.

{Kick in the Pants} Fight Blog Fright With Twister – by Kelly Parkinson

“Nevermind that I have a systemic and viral case of blogfright/blogblight…

This. Is. Brilliant.”

This was the comment I left on this blog post. And I’ll just go ahead and admit it: I have a total website crush AND total intellectual crush on Kelly. I first started e-stalking Kelly when Sarah J. Bray mentioned her more than a year ago (by the way, Sarah designed the Copylicious site. Um… hello amazing designer!) Kelly is a fantastic writer and a sweet soul. Her email list is just plain fun (and a good kick in the pants for your business). And the blog twister? Totally. What. I. Need. ….which means I’ll need to post something other than gater snacks soon. :)

{Neato} Orlagh O’Brien wants to know how you feel – on PopTech

Emotionally}Vague by Orlagh O'Brian

I shan’t go into all the reasons that I lurve Pop!Tech (nor how determined I am to go to their annual conference next year), but I suggest you go check this out if you’d like to make your brain go tilt—even just a little bit. You’ve likely seen Emotionally}Vague, created by Orlagh O’Brien. Super-duper neato.

O’Brien gave a simple test to a group of 250 people over the course of a month. Asking respondents to describe five emotions – anger, joy, fear, sadness, and love – in drawings, colors, and words, O’Brien ended up with a set of media she used to create Emotionally}Vague, an online graphic interpretation of the project’s results.

{Reel. Again} Gettysburg Address from Adam Gault on Vimeo

Lincoln’s speech revisited.

My history-loving heart swoons.

{Image} by Renee Fernandez

Renee Fernandez illustration

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  • Doniree

    Chomp, chomp! I love your gator snacks, and I’m intrigued by that reframing link you shared! :)

    • Thank you, honey! Also – thanks for the catch…I just corrected the linked URL to Tara’s reframing post. :)

  • Anonymous

    Loving these Gater Snacks! Great idea : )

    • Why thank you for stoppin’ by these here parts of the web, lady! :)

  • I love. love. LOVE the Gettysburg Address video. Not exactly sure why, but I do : D

  • Anonymous

    I love. love. LOVE the Gettysburg Address video. Not exactly sure why, but I do : D

    • It’s actually jarring.

      I’ve read Lincoln’s words so many times… but to hear it put into a voice (as well as an engaging visual context)? Well. I like it to.