Gater Snacks

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I just returned from Pismo Beach & San Luis Obispo, California, where I kept a religious observance called the Feast of Tabernacles. I hung with family & friends, went to the beach, visited central coast wineries (Tobin James and Turley are my favorites) and generally had a grand time. Before you enjoy these snacks, I recommend that you grab a cup of tea/coffee/gin & tonic: there is some thought-provoking reading here. Most of these I’ve read and reread, savored and pondered over the last couple of weeks.

{Design. And Brilliance.} Thought Bubble

Cabinet Thought Bubble on

I am thinking I should make a gater thought bubble… :)

{Bam.} Begin Where You Are on

This is a Required Reading Reminder if you’re thinking about starting a new project.

{Growth} The Minimalist’s Guide to Cultivating Passion on

Do you ever have “passion paralysis”? I think I’ve been struggling with this virus off and on for the last year. But I’m moving forward. Loved this post.

{Social Entrepreneurship & Design} Design with Intent on

I’ve reread this post many times. It has opened up a world to me–I hadn’t thought much about the intersections of design and social entrepreneurship…but I had a brain exployay after reading this. (Exployay = explosion + yay, courtesy of Angel)

{Tunes} Sufjan Stevens – I Walked on the Age of Adz album

SufjanStevens Age of Adz album

Mega-hearts for Sufjan. You can listen to “I Walked” on this site…AND, you can stream several of his other albums, too (jawesome, right?). Aaaand, I get to see him live in Denver in November! Holler!

{Image} There by poudot

There, there by Poudot