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{Reel} JumpTrumpRumpBump on Vimeo

JumpTrumpRumpBump from Molasses Murphy on Vimeo.

It’s not enough to say that I’m ardently in love with this video, JumpTrumpRumpBump. If you like excellent animation, a sweet/intriguing story and jazz, this video is worth the watch. (Yes, it’s long. Yes, it’s worth it.)

{Think} What If Everything Goes Right? on AdvancedRiskology

Instead of “Plan for the worst,” what will happen if you (I) shift your (my) thinking to “Plan for the best.” This one’s a thinker.

{Response} Being Busy is Not That Important on

How do you typically answer the question, “How are you?” Think about it.

  • “Good.” (Poor grammar!)
  • “I’m well.” (Excellent grammar, decent, no-nonsense response.)
  • “Busy.” (As the author of this post argues, this response is worthless.)

I’ve always found the question “How are you?” to be perplexing. Though I still do ask that question (and when I ask it, I do mean it), I try to ask other more pointed questions, like “How is your day going?” or “What cool thing has happened to you today?” Do you think this matters? Do you think this part of your speech carries significance?

{Social Entrepreneurship-ish} The Commoditization of Connecting, or Why You Need to Kick Ass on

I like to think of myself as a connector (and I hope that I continue to grow into that role). This is a fantastic post about the archetype of the connector, the commodification of that role & skill, and the power of social networks. And this article isn’t only about how connecting happens in social entrepreneurship, but in any industry.

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telephone pole and stars on Neonshadows

  • Hey Cali. Thanks so much for the mention. :) I’m honored to be a gater snack.

    • “I’m honored to be a gater snack.” — #ThingsYouNeverThoughtYouWouldSay

      My pleasure! Thank YOU for your awesome brain.