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Hi gaterites! It’s been an incredibly busy and amazing week–and I’m beginning to hone in on my business ideas and focus (stick around for an upcoming post…;)). Yay. And here are yummies from around the web:

{Photo-graphee} JT365 – the photography of Jeremiah Tolbert

Jeremy’s photography is And I am fortunate enough to know him through Cohere. I have my eye on several photographs to get made into deliciously awesome prints. 

{Leaping. And it’s Dark.} A Provocative Perspective on Fear – Ronna Detrick

Fear is an emotion–not an entity. And even if I’m scared, I’m gonna be okay. {I was scared when I proclaimed/admitted/squeaked in my last blog post that I’ve started my own business. If I say WRITE that I’ve started a business, it’s out there for the world to see–and I’m accountable. That was scary for me. But it’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be awesome, actually.}

{RSSing} I killed my Reader – DT Pennington 

I’ve read this post at least four times, and I enjoy it every time. Mr. Pennington asks, in essence, “Where is the good online content–I mean the really good content?” I say good content absolutely exists…but it takes work to find it. Just like walking into a library, there’s a lot of mediocre, drab content. But there are gems, too–classics, even. The same is true for the web. 

{Delight for Eyes, Ears & Brain}

I pretty much love errthing on Blake’s tumblr. Really, it could single-handedly fuel Gater Snacks. So just go check it out & subscribe. :)

{Image} via bear

via bear on tumblr

  • Four times? Hell, lady, I don’t even think I’ve read it all the way through once.

  • Ha! Well, I dig that post. I love the story you develop and how you
    critically discuss the need for quality content. When you first
    published the piece, I was inspired to weed out my reader, too. Good
    thing I didn’t cull YOUR feed. ;-)

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  • Love that you featured Jeremy’s work. :)

  • Jeremiah Tolbert

    Thanks so much for the shout-out, Cali! I’m gonna have to give you a big discount for being so supportive of my work.

  • I’m merely highlighting his skills! :) Thanks for stopping by, Miss

  • Jeremy, it’s absolutely my pleasure to share! I really love your
    photos. :-)