hey, you. welcome to my blog.

thanks for stopping by.

Really, what better day than today–my 27th birthday–to share with you this new corner of my life?

I’d been wanting to start a blog. For awhile. And at long last, here I arrive and I am ready. to. rumble. I’m ecstatic to share, write, belly-laugh, goof off and listen. I hope you’ll stick around, comment (as you’re compelled!) and harass me.

Of note: a big, humongous THANK YOU! goes to Rahim Rahman. I once–briefly and inCali + Rahim...sailing in San Francisco Bay passing–mentioned that I’d love to have a website…especially if it were caligater.com. Months later, out of the blue, he surprised me with a ready-to-go site. Thanks, Rahim. <3

Much gratitude also to:

  • my brother-in-law, Eric Rank, for his know-how and cheer-leading skills
  • my magnificent friend, Erika Napoletano, for her crisis support and WordPress smarts

And to YOU, whoever you are, visiting this little digital corner o’ mine.