Weekly Dispatch – Cartography and Explorations

Caligater - Weekly Dispatch - Cartouches and ExplorationsI watched the film Sparrows Dance last night, and it made me consider all the ways I trap myself in my own head and heart. The movie beautifully captures fear of the unknown (and perhaps more poignantly, fear of the known). And it reveals how vulnerability and personal connection can make safer these scary places. A lovely film, if you’re looking to add to your watch queue.

To balance the confining, suffocating feeling of Sparrows Dance, I pulled together some links to articles, ideas and videos about exploration, mapping, charting life. Enjoy.


These are amazing modern-day Age of Discovery maps – Your Road Trip, Reimagined as a Glorious 16th Century Map

In my most present-minded moments, I close my eyes and strain to hear all the sounds around me – Sound Is…

This choreography makes me want to explore (and then dance in) every empty dance studio in Boulder – Yanis Marshall – Illusion

On charting our own careers—and those who we work with – Letter to a Junior Designer

On the power of shared warm drinks, conversation, and respect for our elders – Days of Tea and Honey: Memories of a Quiet Iraq

I get squeamish just watching this – Living without air: Notes from the world’s best freediver

  • Joe Cardillo

    I like it when people map things that you wouldn’t normally think to. Slightly related note, James Alan McPherson has a great memoir called Crabcakes which I’m rereading where he talks about that confined space and mapping one’s heart / soul, definitely a recommended read.

    • Joe, I just added Crabcakes to my reading queue – thank you for the reco! Also tangential, this is fun: Wanderlust – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/78287.Wanderlust

      • Oh cool, I’ll check that out….I’ve read a bunch of Bill Bryson and just finished reading A Thousand Mile Summer by Colin Fletcher so that sounds in similar vein.

        I think you will like McPherson, the writing style of the memoir is kind of hard to get into at first but there are some really beautiful and poetic passages in the book. He reminds me of James Baldwin, too.

        • Joe, you are rocking my reading list!! Thank you!

        • Also…. anything reminiscent of James Baldwin: YES.

          • Oh nice – yeah you’ll really like McPherson then. I’m constantly surprised by a) how few people have heard of Baldwin and b) how so much of his writing still describes the American experience around race, gender, and identity.