Caligater x 2 – #reverb10

#reverb10 – Photo.
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(Author: Tracey Clark@traceyclark)


The Cali & The Caligater, together.

This photo was taken by Rick at a bar in Austin, Texas in March 2010. I was in Austin as a SXSWi n00b, and I was silly enough to carry around the Caligater with me.

I experienced sheer delight when I carried the ‘gater in my messenger bag, green tail peeking out, in the halls of the Austin Convention Center. Lots of strange looks…and one or two gasps (when people thought I might actually have a reptile in my bag). ^_^

2010 saw my brand—Caligater—develop. I didn’t intend for “caligater” to become, well, me. At least not in the way that I have become The Caligater. But the name (the idea, the notion) has taken on a life of her own. Chomp.

  • That picture is rather. . .”Cali”.

    I’m debating whether I go to SxSW this year. And, if I do, which week I would go. Am I cool enough for “interactive”?

    • Doooood. You should absolutely go to interactive! Since it’s Austin, there was still tons of live music everywhere during the Interactive week. I sure do wish I could do music AND interactive next year — just so much fun stuff going on!

      • I would be a SxSWi noob. I attended the music conference in 2009. Went as an “industry professional” but after the second day we said “screw it” to the seminars and networking and worked on our music purveyor-ship instead.

        • Maybe you should just head down for interactive AND music (and maybe not purchase the badge for interactive…but attend the parties).

  • love that pic!