Weekly Dispatch – Cartography and Explorations

Caligater - Weekly Dispatch - Cartouches and ExplorationsI watched the film Sparrows Dance last night, and it made me consider all the ways I trap myself in my own head and heart. The movie beautifully captures fear of the unknown (and perhaps more poignantly, fear of the known). And it reveals how vulnerability and personal connection can make safer these scary places. A lovely film, if you’re looking to add to your watch queue.

To balance the confining, suffocating feeling of Sparrows Dance, I pulled together some links to articles, ideas and videos about exploration, mapping, charting life. Enjoy.


These are amazing modern-day Age of Discovery maps – Your Road Trip, Reimagined as a Glorious 16th Century Map

In my most present-minded moments, I close my eyes and strain to hear all the sounds around me – Sound Is…

This choreography makes me want to explore (and then dance in) every empty dance studio in Boulder – Yanis Marshall – Illusion

On charting our own careers—and those who we work with – Letter to a Junior Designer

On the power of shared warm drinks, conversation, and respect for our elders – Days of Tea and Honey: Memories of a Quiet Iraq

I get squeamish just watching this – Living without air: Notes from the world’s best freediver

Weekly Dispatch – Measuring

Caligater Weekly Digest - Measuring

I’ve been measuring, taking count, noting moments of life.

During my work days, I’m a list-maker. I write to-do lists mostly because I have a miserable memory. But I realized they weren’t helping me see my overall progress. So I started keeping a “Today I Accomplished or Created….” google spreadsheet. It has two columns: date column, and Accomplished or Created column. I keep it simple and specific: “Outlined next week’s blog post with partner” or “Drafted v1 sponsor satisfaction 5-question survey.” After just a month of making these notes, I’m noticing patterns and gaps in my day-to-day. Surprisingly, this silly practice has seduced me out of the forest and onto a mountaintop. Forget about getting lost in email or having my focus interrupted by pesky tasks; I’m now making darn sure I can say I accomplished or created something significant each day.


On the topic of measuring, this article is so good. “Almost every 8 day included some element of novelty” – I tracked my mood every hour for a month. Here’s what I learned about happiness

I miss working with Sarah Bray, but fortunately she’s always cooking up cool projects – Hello, Month

The powerful ways in which we are capable of forgiving—and reconciling – Portraits of Reconciliation

I spent 5 years working in the restaurant industry. I still learned some things about tipping – Everything You Don’t Know About Tipping

This essay knocked the wind out of me, then pulled me back to my feet and gave me a swift kick in the britches – When You’re at the Crossroads of Should and Must

I’ve been obsessing over France. I even created a Pinterest board (and we all know that means business) – Why French Women Wear Scarves

Weekly Dispatch – Sincerity

Caligater - Weekly Dispatch

Welcome to my new(ish) weekly note to you. I’m doing a lot of writing behind the scenes, though none of it is ready to live here. However, I’m reading, watching and listening to so many interesting things I want to share with you. So, this Weekly Dispatch.

Things that have been on my mind lately: sincerity vs. hypocrisy, reluctant redemption, and memories of summer campfires.


This lovely article can be distilled in this admonition: “Kindness is not always as heavy as action: it can be as light as speech or as invisible as inaction.” – Your Kindness Is Good for You

Getting beyond asking someone “How was your day?” to better questions. I’m working on this. – The Questions That Will Save Your Relationships

I really dig Austin Kleon’s openness about his creative process. – 10 Ways To Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered

Film and digital photography’s bias against dark skin. – Teaching The Camera To See My Skin

Technology (like substances) can be an addiction to avoid discomfort. – The First World’s biggest addiction

Excellent people skills are a superpower. – People Skills for Web Workers

It isn’t so much about “finding” your creative voice as it is about expressing the one you’ve already got. [Video] – James Victore: Your Work Is A Gift