Weekly Dispatch – Words Like Honey


Kind words are like honey- sweet to the soul and healthy for the body Proverbs 16-24

I’ve been thinking about all the ways that the conversations I have mirror (almost exactly) the way I salsa dance. Two people + a dance floor is surprisingly equivalent to two people + a safe space to talk. If this doesn’t make sense, just ask to dance with me sometime.


Introductions aren’t merely a social transaction — they’re an art form – Introductions: The Art of Curating People

“Introduce a person, not a resume.” – How to Introduce Someone

And if you need help remembering names, How to Remember Anyone’s Name

Asking questions is so fun. And if you have the tendency (as I do) to be inward, question-asking forces you to be outward. – How to Ask Useful Questions

A helpful template. – How to Graciously Say No to Anyone

What a fun way to engage folks at a conference, in a classroom, in a meeting – Conversation Therapy

I think politeness is vanishing. Which is too bad, because durn is it powerful. – How to Be Polite


photo credit: Sonja Langford

Weekly Dispatch – Remember That?

The Almost Unknown Art of Miles Davis

Art by Miles Davis, from “Miles Davis: The Collected Artwork”

Wow, what a week. The events in Ferguson, Missouri over the past week have made me think a lot about memory—personal memory, collective memory, historical memory. Pondering the meaning of memory makes me also think about forgetting. What an odd thing that we move so sporadically between remembering and forgetting. This and this are worth reading on the topics of race, Ferguson, and how we remember—and forget—U.S. history…especially good reads for European American folks.

I have a terrible short term memory. I have a hard time remembering names of people I just met, or what I walked in the room to grab, or the directions someone just told me. Unfortunately my long term memory also suffers from black holes and gray areas. I spend a lot of time looking things up, re-viewing, asking questions. In a way, I suppose this can be helpful: I get to re-integrate information in new contexts every time I look something up to confirm a memory. Perhaps re-membering looks more like re-integrating for me.


Our brain is amazing… at creating memories that never existed. – Memory and Forgetting, RadioLab

Our memories are a bit faulty. – The Great Forgetting, Aeon Magazine

Despite faulty memory, if we take more time to think and deeply reflect in the present, we build empathy for others. And we all need more empathy. – No Time to Think, New York Times

Remembering a tremendous musician and, now we know, visual artist – The (almost) unknown art of Miles Davis, Dangerous Minds 


Weekly Dispatch – I’m Here

Weekly Digest - I'm HereThis week I’m on Orcas Island in the San Juan islands with my best friends. There’s nothing quite like island time, and I’m going to spend the next handful of days here. Just being here.


This series of photographs is incredible – The Topography of Tears

Less – Greg McKeown: Essentialism – The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

On the presence of being lost in thought – Raptitude, Life is WAY simpler than you think

“Imagine that mobile device in your pocket as a megaphone stitched to your head such that it amplifies every little thought and moment you experience…That’s a lot of noise and very little of it is ever heard the way silence brings about listening.” – The Silence of The Past Speaks Loudest to Our Presence