A Master of (Relationship) Ceremonies


I’m so SQUEE today: I’m joining S.Joy Studios — Sarah J Bray’s glowing, brilliant company — as Master of Ceremonies (is that not the most ridiculously fantastic title?!).

Sarah gave me an incredibly warm welcome (where she talks about how we met, what I’ll be doing with the agency, and pancakes. Mmm…!)  —->

SJoy Studios - Cali Harris, Master of Ceremonies

I have been dancing on clouds since finding out that I was joining their team!

Know what else is neat? I’m still going to maintain Swaggering Vernacular, taking on really awesome client copywriting projects…but on a much more pared-down basis.

So, I still get to write—which is something I love doing. But what I love doing ever more-er than writing? Cultivating relationships. And working with a brilliant team. And I get to do both of those things as part of S.Joy Studios. I get to work with brainstorming genius @juliannecherie and coding genius @leahcreates! (I’m quickly adopting Sarah’s penchant for calling people “geniuses” — you know, that Thing we ALL have…the Thing we both love to do and are also skilled at in the most craftsman-like way possible).

I’m growing into my genius.

(I really feel that way…I’m realizing that the golden thread in all of my incredible jobs—from being a sales manager for a national brewery-restaurant group to being a project manager at a marketing agency to starting my own consulting business—has been relationship: connecting with people and dancing into communication with them to accomplish a goal. Neat.)

  • So phenomenal. Congratulations on your new joy, MC Cali. <3

    • I’m no match for MC Chomp, but at least I’m a distant cousin.

  • Stoked for you!!

  • Eeeeeeeeee!

    Don’t ask me to squeal that high again. It hurts my throat.

    PS (You only get an “Eeeeeeeeee” here because I left in more in-depth comment on Sarah’s site. And by in-depth I mean not deep, just silly.)

  • Congrats, Cali! That’s amazing news :) (And a great team!!!)

    • Thank you, Miss Doni. I’m perma-giddy. :)

  • YAYYYY! I think you’re the perfect addition to the team & I’m way excited. <3

  • Sarah J. Bray

    It’s such a match made in web heaven! As Leah said, we are supremely stoked. And you ARE a genius. I don’t just hand that title out willy-nilly, you know. ;)

    • I feel like I will just keep being squealy-giddy… all. the. time.

  • Love it! I’m so stoked for you. And I also love that you used dancing to talk about the way you connect. :)

    • Suzanne – thank you so much for your comments (here & on Sarah’s site) and all of the support! I so, so appreciate you.

      I’ve been thinking lots about how much I see dancing as a metaphor in my life. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t been dancing enough in the past 6 or so months…so it’s on my mind a lot. It seems apt, right?

  • Jamie

    yay girl! SO SUPER proud of you & where you are going. you are making it!

    • Hey lady! That means the world to me, Jamie. <3

  • beyond “like”

  • Congrats! What an awesome opportunity!

    • Thank you, Meredith – awesome opportunity, indeed!

  • Mike Alber


    • Thank you so much, Mike!

      Looking forward to seeing you tonight. :)

  • Congratulations! I’m excited for you.

  • Congrats! That’s big time – you’ll be great!

    • Totally big time! I’m really thrilled to be joining a brilliant team again… kinda like the brilliant Proof Branding team. ;) Thanks, Mr. Davidson!