Weekly Digest - I'm HereThis week I’m on Orcas Island in the San Juan islands with my best friends. There’s nothing quite like island time, and I’m going to spend the next handful of days here. Just being here.


This series of photographs is incredible – The Topography of Tears

Less - Greg McKeown: Essentialism – The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

On the presence of being lost in thought - Raptitude, Life is WAY simpler than you think

“Imagine that mobile device in your pocket as a megaphone stitched to your head such that it amplifies every little thought and moment you experience…That’s a lot of noise and very little of it is ever heard the way silence brings about listening.” - The Silence of The Past Speaks Loudest to Our Presence

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Weekly Dispatch - Caligater

I’ve been telling myself all sorts of stories lately; I’m caught in my head, living in what-ifs and imaginary (usually terrible) futures. I do this, naturally, when I’m stressed, or standing at an impasse. I’m probably never a better story-teller than when I tell myself stories of the potential catastrophes of my life.

I’m working on shifting the energy I spend catastrophizing to spending it on writing myself into better stories. So, this week’s dispatch is about story.


I dig what Brian Bailey and crew are doing to build Uncommon, a new type of “slow web” online community. “The goal is to make it a refreshing stop whether you visit each day or once a month. It’s also designed to be limited…We like to say Uncommon is a trampoline, not a rabbit hole.” I can’t wait to hang out on the front porch. - Finally, A Social Network That Won’t Turn Us Into Addicts–But How Will It Thrive?

Ohhh this is too good. – How To Respond to Criticism

“I believe our stories can change the world.” I usually cringe at these sorts of platitudes, but I believed it when Dustin said it. – Creative Spark: Dustin Lance Black

On Keeping a Notebook in the Digital Age and Why You Should Write

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Caligater - Weekly Dispatch - Life Tools

I’m stripping away tools I don’t use. From apps to makeup & clothes to books, I have been editing all of these “tools” down. In no particular order, these are the tools I’m using right now on a daily basis: focus@will, Evernote, Muji pens + Storycraft Day Sheets, shoes for long walks, my new Public bike, my iPhone & iPad mini, Get Pocket + Feedly, tea kettle, candles, my Bible, words, fresh flowers, Hourglass blush, and thesis research books.


“Why don’t you use our best tool? Language.” - No New Tools

On how to solve (software/technology/project/life) problems. - First Principles

One of my favorite tools. - The Surprising History of the Pencil

All the articles on this new site. – The Cramped – The Unique Pleasures of Analog Writing

This tweet:

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